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Tips for finding the right coach

On CoachDb you will find a selection of over 1,000 qualified business coaches. Here you will find helpful tips for choosing the right coach for your individual needs.

CoachDb presents a selection of more than 1,000 qualified business coaches. Below you will find helpful tips on how to choose the right coach for your individual concerns.

1. Coach specialization

Our coach search allows you to identify coaches based on their areas of expertise. This way, you will only be shown coaches that fit your request.

2. Combined search strategy

Of course, you can also combine search strategies, e.g. by first searching for all coaches with the appropriate experience and then looking for regional proximity (or another criterion).

3. Coach map

Using our coach map, you can identify a coach based on his or her business locations. This way, you can easily find all coaches in your area or at a location of your choice.

4. Online coaching

Many business coaches also offer their coaching online. You can use the filter "Communication types" to filter whether the coaching sessions will be held in presence or via telephone, video chat or chat.

5. Industry specialization

Many coaching providers specialize in certain industries that you can select using our filters. The coaches' specializations are shown in detail in their respective coach profiles.


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