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Our service for educational providers for Business Coaching

Attract new participants: Your membership increases your visibility to potential participants. Become part of the coaching platform and present your services in a recognized environment.

Your benefits

  • Quality: We verify the qualifications of all listed training providers.
  • More visibility: Enter your training dates in your profile. These will then be published in the training search.
  • Increased reach: Each issue of our coaching newsletter with over 37,000 recipients announces training and development opportunities for the upcoming months.

Jennifer Schawe

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The portal for professional coaching education providers

With our comprehensive overview of professional coaching training programs in the German-speaking world, we have been the first port of call for people looking for professional training for more than 20 years. That is why renowned coaching institutes trust our service and are members of CoachDb to draw the attention of interested parties to their teachings. If enlisted, you would benefit from our high ranking in search engines and this may increase the number of hits on your website.

We are committed to quality and only accept qualified providers on our portal. Each provider is individually reviewed and must meet our acceptance criteria and standards. Become part of this network and benefit from our reach and years of experience. - Pressmaster - Pressmaster

Our Quality Standards & Admission Criteria

Only qualified training providers are accepted into the CoachDb. To become a member, you must meet the following standards and subject to our team reviewing the content of your education and training content:

  • The coaching education is an education in accordance with the definition of coaching.
  • Non-affiliation to cults
  • Rejection of esoteric practices (e.g. astrology, divination, clairvoyance, occultism, etc.)

Recognized coaching educations

A number of coaching educations are recognized by the Deutsche Bundesverband Coaching e.V. (DBVC) and meet the DBVC quality guidelines. You can find these coaching educations here.

All coaching institutes listed on CoachDb are accredited.

Why it pays to be a member

Be successful with your membership on CoachDb: Attract new participants and increase your visibility in the marketplace.

Your benefits at a glance

  • Acquisition of new customers: 
    In your profile you present yourself or your institute as well as your training courses including topics, focus and dates in a professional and renowned environment. Potential participants can contact you directly via the integrated contact form. You also have access to our search requests and can actively respond to training requests.
  • Reach and visibility: 
    Your unique profile increases your exposure on the web by being found and listed by search engines such as Google. By linking it to your site, you get increased traffic.
  • Quality Network: 
    As a member you will be part of our renowned network of business coaches and coaching education and benefit from our high standards and reputation in business coaching. All members must meet our admission requirements. This consistent focus on quality serves as a hallmark for all members.
  • Integration in the RAUEN coaching portals: 
    All CoachDb members are part of the prestigious RAUEN network of coaching portals. You enjoy many advantages:
  • Market Establishment & Reputation: 
    Since its inception in 2001, CoachDb (formerly Coaching Index and Coach Database) has been a recognized destination for finding professional business coaches and coaching education in the coaching field. CoachDb enjoys an excellent reputation among decision makers in companies and HR departments as well as among well-known coaches.
  • Personalized Service:
    If you have any questions, our team will be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Our rates in overview

Rate overview
Basic functions
Basic entry

Includes personal login, contact details, map entry, visitor counter in profile and contact form.

Cover photo & company logo
Detail description

Here you can describe exactly what makes your institute special and what your offer includes.

Personal contact

You will be assigned a personal contact person who will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.

Additional functions

Present yourself with your YouTube videos directly on your profile.


Personalise your instructor profile with additional photos.

Events & Downloads

Publish your events and PDF downloads.

Online consultation & appointment management

Benefit from our cooperation with MeetFox and receive the tool for appointment management, video chat and much more free of charge. You can make appointments directly with potential participants and, if you wish, conduct them via video chat.

Member of the RAUEN network

You benefit from our reputation. Your events will be advertised in the RAUEN Coaching Newsletter (approx. 37,000 recipients) and you will be presented as a coaching institute in the Coaching Magazine.


Secure one discounted advertisement per year for your provider profile or your event/training in Coaching Magazine.

Visibility in the database
Top ranking

Your profile will be displayed at the top of the results lists in the sort order "RAUEN recommends".

Digital subscription

You receive the RAUEN Coaching Magazine as a digital subscription free of charge.

Search requests
Access to search requests

Search for the right assignment: In your login area, you have access to search assignments that clients and principals have posted and can actively contact them.

E-mail for new search requests

As soon as new search requests are placed, you will be informed in real time by email and can thus react as quickly as possible. Secure this time advantage for yourself!

One-time setup fee (net))

We charge a one-off admission fee for checking your qualifications and creating your profile.

Monthly (net)

The monthly fee includes all services such as search requests, further education referrals and contacts. No hidden extra costs!

IOBC and DBVC Association Discount

Institutes accredited by the International Organization for Business Coaching and/or its national member associations (e.g. DBVC) receive an exclusive discount on the monthly fee.

Multiple locations

If you have several locations, you can enter several entries at special rates.














60 €




Business Plus







60 €

30 €





60 €

40 €



55 €

Additional Information

Invoicing & cancellation

All prices plus statutory VAT (currently 19% in Germany). The annual fee is invoiced in advance in the 1st quarter of each calendar year. 

Membership runs until the end of a calendar year and is automatically renewed, unless a notice of termination is submitted at the latest three months to the end of the year (by September 30th) of the current calendar year.

Rate change

Upgrade to a higher rate
If you would like to switch to a rate with more additional services, please contact us. Such an upgrade (e.g. to the Professional or Premium rate) is possible at any time.

Downgrade to a lower rate
If you would like to switch to a rate with less additional services, please contact us.
A downgrade is possible with a period of three months to the end of the year (by September 30th) of the current calendar year.

Any further questions?

Our team will be happy to personally answer any questions you may have. Contact us.

Frequently asked questions from educators

I offer coaching training and would like to become a member of CoachDb.

The enrollment process is simple and straightforward: You choose the type of membership you want and decide how many services and features you want, from Basic to Premium. Use our plan guide and enrollment form. Once your information is received, it will be reviewed by our team. You will then receive a welcome email with all the information you need.

What qualifications do I need to have to be listed on CoachDb?

Membership in CoachDb depends on several criteria, as we place great importance on the qualifications of the providers and institutes that are accepted. In particular, the training must be in line with the definition of coaching. An anti-sect declaration and a rejection of esoteric practices are also required.

What types of membership are available?

You can choose from four different plans and decide how many service features you want from Basic to Premium. Check out the plan overview to learn more about the features and benefits of our membership plans.

Can I change my plan?

If you are already a member of and would like to change your membership plan, please send us an email. You can upgrade to a plan with more features at any time. If you want to downgrade to a plan with less features, you can do so on December 31st (end of the year) if you give us at least three months notice.

How do I create my profile?

Upon successful completion of the registration process, your profile will be activated and you will receive an email with your login information.

Make your profile attractive and eye-catching so that it can be found by interested parties. In addition to a profile that is as informative as possible, enter your training and other dates. You can also add PDF documents to your profile. More tips:

  • Indicate if you offer an information session or how people can find out about the training.
  • Highlight what makes you different (e.g: Do you offer training in different languages or even abroad? Do you use special methods or have a specialization)?
  • Clarity is important when looking for the right training provider. Therefore, it is advisable to keep the information concise and precise.

I have taken a coaching course that I am very happy with and would recommend to others.

Inform your teacher or educational institution about CoachDb. You can find more information about approval here.

What do I do if I forget my login information?

Try using with the function "Forgot your password?" to reset your password.

You are also welcome to call us (Tel.: +49 541 98256-777) or send us an e-mail ( We will be happy to help you and create a new password for you.

More questions?

If you have any further questions, our team will be happy to assist you. Please do not hesitate to contact us.

Do you have any questions about CoachDb?

Jennifer Schawe

T: +49 541 98256-777

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Jennifer Schawe

Monday – Friday:
09:00 am – 03:00 pm

T: +49 541 98256-777

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