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Frequently asked questions

I offer coaching education and would like to be accepted as a member of CoachDb.

The admission process is simple and straightforward: You select the type of membership you want and decide how many service functions you would like to use - from basic to premium rate. To do this, go to our rate overview with registration form. Once your data has been received, it will be checked by our team. You will then receive a welcome email from us including all information.

What qualifications do I need to have in order to be accepted to CoachDb?

The membership on CoachDb depends on several criteria, as we attach great importance to the qualifications of the accepted coaching providers and institutes. In particular, the coaching education must be education in accordance to the definition of coaching. An anti-cult declaration and a rejection of esoteric practices are also required.

What types of membership are there?

You can choose between four different rates and decide how many service functions you want to use - from basic to premium rate. In our rate overview we provide information about the various functions and services of our membership packages.

Can I change my rate?

If you are a member of CoachDb and would like to change your membership rate, please send us an email. Switching to a higher rate with more services (upgrading) is possible at any time. If you want to switch to lower rate with less services (downgrading), it is always possible on December 31st (end of year) if we have been notified at least three months in advance.

How do I create my profile?

After the registration process has been successfully completed, your profile will be activated and you will receive an email with your login data.


Make your profile attractive and attention-grabbing so that interested clients can find you. In addition to a profile that is as detailed as possible, enter your coaching educations nd other dates. You can also add PDF documents to your entry. More tips:


  • Disclose whether you offer an informational event or how one can find out more about your coaching education.
  • Emphasize what sets you apart from others (e.g .: do you conduct your educations in different languages ​​or abroad? Do you use special methods or do you have a specialization?)
  • Clarity is important when looking for the right provider. It is therefore advisable to formulate information briefly and precisely.
I attended a coaching education, which I am very satisfied with and which I would like to recommend.

Inform your eduactional provider for Business Coaching about CoachDb. You can find our criteria of admission here.

What can I do if I have forgotten my login details?

Try using the "Forgot your password?" function via to reset your password.

You are also welcome to call us (Tel .: +49 541 98256-777) or send us an email

( We will be happy to help you and create a new password for you.

Any further questions?

If you have any further questions, our team will be happy to assist you. Please contact us.